Windows 10 Release Date


Over the past couple of months I’ve seen more and more posts (including those from parasitic world) claiming that they have the release date for Windows 10. Sadly there are only a few people who know the proposed release date (it could all move right on the calendar if there are serious issues), and I doubt whether they will be saying anything. For those who are involved outside the Microsoft organisation, they will have signed NDAs & will not be saying anything.

Here’s where I’m going to sit back with a grin bigger than the proverbial Cheshire Cat’s & feel very smug, as I clutch my lucky rabbits foot, four leaf clover & lucky white heather. Though if I’m wrong I could be pelted with goose eggs …

I’m going to say that Windows 10 will be released in mid-last quarter (last week of September) – (Microsoft have said last quarter) & there will be an upgrade path from the final Technical Preview\Escrow builds.

Know where you heard it first


One thought on “Windows 10 Release Date

  1. Or, just buy a Mac and don’t worry about it!

    Just kidding… Win10 still doesn’t look too bad. Is there any word on the equivalent release for server?


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