What a self centred egotistical arogant manual ejaculate !

Yes I say this openly .. afterall it’s written on the W3 so it will never be hidden, and I say it openly & honestly; for this manual ejaculate could never find his bloated posterior using a GPS handset, having received a complementary two day tutorial or having to ‘oogle the use of wetwipes. In fact I believe that if you could measure his egotistical IQ then he would also be confirmed as being pregnant. In fact an amoeba has a greater brain quality than this …..

Maybe this is one of those days that confirms “on certain days democracy sucks”, just because idiots like this have a say .. Okay, rant over, but this IDIOT should have his publishing rights removed & his editor called into question.

This is the article in question & the pompous manual ejaculate even include a picture of himself, just so you know he means business .. maybe he should have posed as a 1930’s personal detective


What more can I say ?


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